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5 Ways to Optimize Your Product Review Pages for Google

5 Ways to Optimize Your Product Review Pages for Google

5 Ways to Optimize Your Product Review Pages for Google

Product reviews are essential for consumers. How to create yours stand out, rank higher, and convert more buyers.

Most people don’t want to require chances on products they don’t know much about, especially when there are products with reviews that tell them what they need to understand.

Because of this, many online shoppers believe product reviews to assist them to decide what to shop for.

That’s why Google put a new product reviews update live in April that prioritizes product reviews that provide consumers with more insight and details, to assist them to make more informed purchasing decisions.

While Google has said the product reviews update isn’t a core update, it’s still important that you simply make an effort to satisfy these new standards.

If you’re wondering how you’ll enjoy this update, here are six ways to optimize your website for Google’s product reviews update.

1. Write Longer, More Informative Reviews

Long-form content tends to perform better than shorter content that doesn’t get into enough detail.

Search engines often prefer longer content, then do the users who benefit from well-researched, thorough content.

If you’re concerned with how your website ranks, you likely already try to include as much relevant information as you’ll in your content. However, albeit this is a priority for you, your product reviews could be lacking.

Just like all of the content on your website, you want to provide users and search engines with comprehensive reviews that give all of them the information they need.

As Google said:

…we know people appreciate product reviews that share in-depth research, instead of thin content that simply summarizes a bunch of products. That’s why we’re sharing an improvement to our ranking systems, which we call the product reviews update, that’s designed to better reward such content.

With this update, you don’t want to skimp out on the length of your reviews. a quick review that only gives a brief summary of a product doesn’t help consumers that much, and it likely won’t help your rankings, either.

2. Give an Accurate Description

Of course, giving an accurate description of a product may be a necessary part of any product review. 

To help make this easier, you’ll also provide additional content within the form of photos and videos that show the physical features even more in-depth. additionally, to describing the product, you also need to explain how it’s used.

Not every product would require a lot of detail regarding the way to use it but if this is often something consumers got to know to form a purchase, it should be included.

How does this product perform?

In your review, While this can include your own opinion on how a product performs, you ought to even have objective information in your review. Consumers got to know any performance-related data that’s relevant to a certain product to assist them in their research.

3. Show That You’re an Expert

Whenever you’re writing content, regardless of what it’s for, it’s extremely important to form it known that you’re an expert on the subject. There are a lot of people who give their opinions online, but that doesn’t mean they should all be trusted or come from an area of wisdom.

You might know you’re a trusted expert, but not everyone else does. Today, people are wary of taking a stranger’s advice online and may be hesitant to make a purchase based on a review from someone who doesn’t seem qualified to be giving one.

Showing people that you’re reliable and know what you’re talking about can help give your review more weight.

4. Include the Positives and Negatives

Including the downsides to a product might seem like you’re doing the best you’ll to convince consumers they need your product, but it’d not be as effective as you think.

You want to give people an accurate review of a product and make it obvious that you’re honest in your description. People know when you’re only trying to sell them a product and not actually give them information to help them make their decision.

In Google’s announcement, they even state that you should “discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a specific product.”

Negatives don’t mean that your product is bad, but there are situations where it’d not be the best choice. Maybe there are other products that will do a far better job at meeting people’s needs, and directing them to those other options will increase your chances of making a sale.

A product that’s perfect for a few people just isn’t getting to be right for everybody, no matter how great it’s. 

5. Show How the product Is Different From Others

No matter what you’re reviewing, there’s a good chance there are multiple products just like it available elsewhere. Since there are so many products on the market today and you’ll find lots of options for whatever you’re trying to find, you need to show what makes yours different.

Why should people buy this product rather than the various others like it that they can get? It’s not up to consumers to make a decision why one product may be a better choice than others – this is something you would like to inform them.

What does the product provide that others like it can’t offer? If you don’t offer reviews that tell consumers why this product is different from other ones they will even as easily buy, you aren’t giving them much of a reason to choose it.

Even if a product only has some slight differences that set it apart, you would like it to be clear that this has something unique to offer. Small differences in products might be what a consumer must decide on what to buy, so don’t overlook anything that can help set it apart.

Make the Most Out of Your Product Reviews

If your product reviews aren’t currently optimized for Google’s new product reviews update, there’s no reason to panic. With numerous products to choose from, product reviews are essential for consumers to make the best choice for them, so it is sensible that Google would prioritize websites that put within the effort to supply them with detailed, balanced product reviews.

Updating your reviews to reflect this update could be time-consuming and need a lot of work, depending on the present state of your reviews, but it’ll be worthwhile to provide something more valuable to consumers and search engines.