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Google Search Image update

Google Search Image update

Google Search Image update

Google said this launched in November, so it seems Google is November but is just announcing this now.

Google announced on Twitter that in November 2020 it’s released an update to Google Image Search that reduces duplicative images within the image search results: “We made an improvement to Image Search to scale back duplicate images, in order that we will display others that are relevant yet visually distinct.”

Visually distinct. Google has said the images it shows are now more visually distinct from one another, providing a more diverse set of relevant images for your query.

Here are some screenshots Google embedded to convey the differences:














November 2020. Google said in its announcement that this went live in November 2020, “we hope this improvement, which we introduced in November, helps everyone better make use of Google Images to be inspired and informed as they search visually.”

If your site gets tons of Google Image Search traffic, you’ll want to check back at your analytics to November time to see if there have been any substantial changes to your image search traffic.

Alternate meanings. Google added that it made improvements to the pictures and categories it uses for alternate meanings of words. the apparent example Google presented was the jaguar, which may be the animal, sports team, car maker or others.

Google previously added a menu at the highest to allow you to filter supported those alternate meanings and better narrow down the search results to what you’re trying to find.

Here are the examples of this:































Why we care. If your site depends on Google Images for traffic, you’ll have already noticed changes to your traffic back in November. Either way, this update is from some months back and Google is now just announcing that it went live. Hopefully, you fared well with this update.

Google launched it so as to supply a far better set of diverse images for searchers once they use Google Image Search.

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